Zoom H4N Audio Recorder


Whether you are wanting to record business meetings, lectures, singing vocals, instruments, voice overs, sound effects, or pretty much any sound at a very high quality- the H4N from Zoom is one of the very best options. Not the cheapest audio recorder on the market by a long stretch but it is certainly worth branching out that little extra. Straight out of the box it feels durable, has a good weight, the buttons are very responsive- you feel in good hands! 

I am a film maker and I never appreciated sound to its full extent until we at Core Media Productions bought our H4N’s. We work with musicians frequently, the audio clarity is ridiculously good and our clients always appreciate the quality. From a professional point of view it is absolutely exceptional, for many reasons- One of the main factors is that it has two XLR inputs, a rarity within the handheld recorder range, which becomes incredibly useful for film production. It can even be clipped onto a belt, which is always handy whilst on the set. It can be powered by the mains which is always a plus, meaning you don’t have to stock up on batteries when using phantom power! That extra ounce of ‘crispness’ when you hear footsteps on a wooden floor, or when your vocals hit the highest note is never missed with this product.


On board X/Y Stereo mics

If you are thinking of buying yourself a recorder to produce excellent quality audio without having to get a mortgage, look no further than this. It has minor downsides like everything but the pros outweigh the cons by a country mile! I have found myself at times recording random sounds around the house and playing them back just to hear them again, strange I know.. Us film makers are a strange breed!

In the box:

2GB SD Memory card | Mains adaptor | USB cable | Protective Case | Cubase LE software

Remote control | Wind Screen | Mic clip adaptor | Zoom H4N | Mini Tripod


Easy monitoring from LCD Screen | Built in X\Y stereo mics that rotate to 90 or 120 degrees | XLR inputs plus more | Easy to use interface | Optional mains power | Crisp audio | Versatility | Hard and durable unit


Slightly more expensive than other audio recorders | Using phantom power will drain batteries VERY quickly (Use mains)


I hope you liked my review of the Zoom H4N, if you have any questions about it drop me a message!

Paul Williams


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