I make the best cup of tea

Tea is one of the most underestimated, most underrated drinks on the planet. If I was to count a pound for how many cups of tea dragged me through my countless essays, long editing sessions etc I would be a very rich man.

Tea is a vital cog in the Media/Film industry, as well as many other industries. Every runner starts making tea, it is an unwritten rule- which everybody respects! It brings a smile to a face and brings people together. I was actually sat writing a post drinking tea when I realised, tea has had an important role to play in my hard work and success so far, it always has! A frequent phrase heard in my house is ‘Get the kettle on’ or ‘Get the brews on’, its standard procedure.

For those of you who think this post is me having a laugh- It’s not, I’m serious! I always turn to it when things hit the fan. If you ever make me a cup of tea I take milk and 2 and a quarter sugars (That quarter makes a difference). I wouldn’t say I was a tea snob but since discovering Yellow Label tea in Thailand that is definitely my favourite!

 Tea makes people happy and happiness weighs more than gold, remember that. 


Enjoying a cuppa whilst travelling in Koh Samui, Thailand


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