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Working for Core Media Productions whilst at University- boosting our reputation.

In 3rd year of University myself and Tony Bessant worked around the clock and only boosted our reputation as a result- particulary in the music industry. We produced a music video for Jazz sensation Danny Pye in Parr Street Studios, a young lad with a disciplined and trained voice- an incredible vocalist! We also produced a music video for Luke Fenlon for his track The River which was shot in a unique location near the docks of Liverpool, it matched his track impeccably. We also produced a number of live acoustic sessions that year for local artists in Liverpool for which we were very well known for.

Acoustic set

A typical live acoustic set up

A contact of ours recommended us to The Nubian Times. The Nubian Times were a newly launched newspaper publication who were gaining a reputation and growing fast. We directed their launch night held in Manchester and created an after video of the night which they were absolutely thrilled with.

After working with The Nubian Times we spoke to a relative of Tony’s who used to work with the band Space, a reputable band from Liverpool who are famous for their hit track Female of The Species. We held negotiations with the band and we caught them at the right time, they were currently recording a new comeback album and had a track that they wanted a video for as promotional purposes for their new album! We came to an agreement and were invited to their private studio to shoot their music video for the track Frightened Horses. We took a friend of mine along Tom Reader, a good lad who was trying to get experience in the industry-he loved it too.

He managed to get a brilliant job after University working around the world recording entertainment which he put down to this Space shoot- good on him. It was unbelievable to work with a band like Space, we had already worked with many musicians before but these guys had been there and done it, they are very talented who knew exactly what they wanted from their video. Afterwards they gave us a testimonial which we are very proud of “It was a great experience meeting and working with Core Media Productions. They were creative, innovative and professional throughout. Their approach to our project was enthusiastic and imaginative and the end product was exactly what we were looking for.”

Shooting with Space




Determination, motivation and the hunger to succeed. Finding your passion.

If you work in an industry that requires plenty of hard work, grit and determination to succeed then you will appreciate this post. If you work in the creative industries you will definitely appreciate this post. Determination, motivation and the hunger to succeed are extremely important. In the Film and Media industry plus many of the other creative industries however it is absolutely fundamental- it’s compulsory. I believe everybody naturally has these attributes innate to an extent, some people just tend to exert them more than others. I also believe that every person can use them to the full extent depending on when they find their ‘passion’. You may be 50 years old until you find your passion, but when you do find it you will know deep inside how motivated and determined you can be- It can take you to places inside you that you never knew existed. It can be scary.

Fortunately for me, I found my passion at the tender age of 16. I have always thought outside of the box since being a child, had a specific outlook on life- I have always been a determined person. However, when I found film making it was clear to me I had found what I love doing. My natural flare to succeed and the mental existence of drive I had inside of me increased by a dramatic scale, taking me to the next level. It is clear when this happens, the important thing to do when you find it, is to take it in your stride and nurture it. I stand by the quote from The Pursuit of Happiness featuring Will Smith when he says to his son “You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it.”. What I have experienced is that you will find your passion, it will become clear to others that you have this passion- some people will then try to shut you down. It has happened to me a number of times since discovering film making. I have proven people wrong time and time again. You need to protect your passion and your dream when you discover it. Luck, determination and natural talent combined together equals success. If you can balance these three, you will succeed. Luck is something you can anticipate; you can put yourself in a certain position and create your own luck- talent and determination is what happens naturally. What I have also found is that if you can collaborate with someone who has the same levels of determination, motivation and hunger to succeed as you do, the results are phenomenal. I have found this with my colleague and best friend Tony Bessant, my partner in crime. We are basically telepathic in everything we do, and the result of this has been extraordinary.


I’m a deep thinker and life in general fascinates me, being a selfless person I respect others around me more than most people. I discovered film making at the age 16, acting and creativity was always something I loved, along with creating stories and scenarios in my head. After completing my A levels, I studied at University and graduated meaning I am educated to degree level, even though I was advised as a youngster by a tutor that it wasn’t worth me trying for 6th form as it ‘Weren’t right for me’. I am now a Company Director at my own Film/Media company Core Media Productions LTD at the age of 22, along with Tony Bessant. Our hunger to succeed is greater than it has ever been before. The future is exciting. I wake up every morning and look at a quote on my wall which reads “I wanted to make it and I was gonna’ make it regardless of what anybody said”. This is a quote by Eminem, probably the biggest inspiration in life.


If you haven’t already found your passion, go out and try new things. It will become obvious when you find it, you will know deep inside. Push it to the absolute limit and keep your dream alive no matter what it takes, protect it. You will get to where you want to be. It will become a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’. Chase your dream and surround yourself with positive people who share the same levels of motivation, determination and hunger to succeed as you do. If someone tries to shut it down, ditch them- you don’t need them in your life. The best things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who pick themselves up time and time again and strive to be the best.

 Do you have a passion? Can you relate to this? Drop a comment i’d love to hear your story!