Working for Core Media Productions whilst at University- boosting our reputation.

In 3rd year of University myself and Tony Bessant worked around the clock and only boosted our reputation as a result- particulary in the music industry. We produced a music video for Jazz sensation Danny Pye in Parr Street Studios, a young lad with a disciplined and trained voice- an incredible vocalist! We also produced a music video for Luke Fenlon for his track The River which was shot in a unique location near the docks of Liverpool, it matched his track impeccably. We also produced a number of live acoustic sessions that year for local artists in Liverpool for which we were very well known for.

Acoustic set

A typical live acoustic set up

A contact of ours recommended us to The Nubian Times. The Nubian Times were a newly launched newspaper publication who were gaining a reputation and growing fast. We directed their launch night held in Manchester and created an after video of the night which they were absolutely thrilled with.

After working with The Nubian Times we spoke to a relative of Tony’s who used to work with the band Space, a reputable band from Liverpool who are famous for their hit track Female of The Species. We held negotiations with the band and we caught them at the right time, they were currently recording a new comeback album and had a track that they wanted a video for as promotional purposes for their new album! We came to an agreement and were invited to their private studio to shoot their music video for the track Frightened Horses. We took a friend of mine along Tom Reader, a good lad who was trying to get experience in the industry-he loved it too.

He managed to get a brilliant job after University working around the world recording entertainment which he put down to this Space shoot- good on him. It was unbelievable to work with a band like Space, we had already worked with many musicians before but these guys had been there and done it, they are very talented who knew exactly what they wanted from their video. Afterwards they gave us a testimonial which we are very proud of “It was a great experience meeting and working with Core Media Productions. They were creative, innovative and professional throughout. Their approach to our project was enthusiastic and imaginative and the end product was exactly what we were looking for.”

Shooting with Space





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