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Instagram, my current obsession.


Roughly two months ago I upgraded from Blackberry and bought my first Iphone, the Iphone 6. One of the first Apps I downloaded was Instagram. I always knew what Instagram was about but I guess I underrated the hype. I suppose I am now sort of addicted..

Being a film maker, my mind is constantly flowing with imaginative thoughts regardless of the technology I have available to me. This makes Instagram an absolutely ruthless tool- when I can just whip my phone out of my pocket at a moments notice to capture ‘that’ moment or object when walking down the street etc. I will see something or have an idea then snap the photo within seconds, this then brings you onto the editing process which is just astonishing! The process is very fun and amplifies the very moment you caught.

Beyond the editing process, the sharing process is equally as powerful. Being able to share it all over the world in such a short space of time on so many platforms is just ‘with the times’, its powerful! Also, being able to explore others around you is made easy due to the simple concept and design of the application.

If your phone allows you to download Instagram and you haven’t got it, I suggest you get it downloaded ASAP.

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Dead Pixels’ EP ‘Homegrown’ and DVD ‘Autumn Road. Core Media Productions on the music scene again.

Okay, it has been FAR too long since my last post! This post is a jump right into the present day with Core Media Productions. Dead Pixels have just released their EP Homegrown (19th November 2014), and we happened to be a big part of this fantastic project (Great excuse to get back on the blogging scene). We Directed and Produced their bonus DVD which comes with the physical copy of the album.10624989_10153252977398973_4129977337532908135_n

I first met the lead singer, Charlie Reader a couple of years ago through a friend of mine at University. A great lad with all the passion in the world for his dreams, this runs suit throughout the other members of the band in Jordan and Daniel Hollinrake. I cannot explain the respect I have for those in the creative industry who have so much passion for their careers that it almost seeps through their skin. The band are a trio with a very unique style. They are certainly not your average ‘band’. Nice lads, with a crafted mindset.

After bits and pieces of work with Dead Pixels they told us their plan for releasing their EP. They commissioned us to do an acoustic video session for a few of their covers and original songs, after seeing our previous successful acoustic video shoots. It was a great success and we finished the filming around Christmas day in 2013. Dead Pixels released their videos via Youtube and put themselves at a very good level in the music world right from the off.

A few months later we filmed their bonus DVD ‘Autumn Road’ named after the recording studio where they recorded their album with Nino Erico. We were very lucky with the weather on the filming of Autumn Road, the sun was cracking the flags and polished the film off well! Our whole working relationship with Dead Pixels so far has been an absolute pleasure. One of the best things about being a film maker is constantly collaborating with great talent, these guys certainly contribute to that! We cannot wait for the next chapter with Dead Pixels. Check them out on Facebook and if you would like to buy their EP you can do so on the link below. It can also be downloaded digitally via Itunes, spotify and pretty much any other major online music retailer!