Instagram, my current obsession.


Roughly two months ago I upgraded from Blackberry and bought my first Iphone, the Iphone 6. One of the first Apps I downloaded was Instagram. I always knew what Instagram was about but I guess I underrated the hype. I suppose I am now sort of addicted..

Being a film maker, my mind is constantly flowing with imaginative thoughts regardless of the technology I have available to me. This makes Instagram an absolutely ruthless tool- when I can just whip my phone out of my pocket at a moments notice to capture ‘that’ moment or object when walking down the street etc. I will see something or have an idea then snap the photo within seconds, this then brings you onto the editing process which is just astonishing! The process is very fun and amplifies the very moment you caught.

Beyond the editing process, the sharing process is equally as powerful. Being able to share it all over the world in such a short space of time on so many platforms is just ‘with the times’, its powerful! Also, being able to explore others around you is made easy due to the simple concept and design of the application.

If your phone allows you to download Instagram and you haven’t got it, I suggest you get it downloaded ASAP.

If you have it already why not follow me? pauljwilliams7.



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