It’s been a while…

At one point I couldn’t get enough of my blog, I loved posting on it- I would make sure I was posting frequently. However, this is my first post in 7 whole months, which is unacceptable, as I’ve been telling myself ‘I will get round to doing a post this week’ for most of those 7 months! I never want to go that long without posting again, simply because I love writing on here.

I had ‘that’ urge to write tonight after a hard day of work, so here we go. Since I’ve not posted in a while I thought I’d use this post as an opportunity to give a short summary of what has been going on since I last posted.(I will do a detailed post on each of these things in the coming weeks) I’ve also updated my header photo with a fresh, more recent snap!


We at Core Media Productions were hired by Merseyraces to Direct the Video Production for the Liverpool Spring 10K, a race which is held annually in Sefton Park of Liverpool. Roughly 4,000 people took part in the very successful event. We were commissioned to create 2 videos following the race. We had to create a short teaser video, and also a longer ‘aftermovie’ video. The project was very successful. This client is another to add to a very long list of satisfied clients, which keeps us happy! (I will publish a longer post on this and talk about the project in more detail)


John & Gary is a scouse duo that myself and Tony Bessant (Co-Director of my company) created one day. We produced one spontaneous short film to practice editing on our new system and the world of social media loved it. Due to this we made another, and another, and another! We also have another scripted and ready to produce (when we can find the time). (I will publish a longer post on this and talk about the fun project in more detail)


Myself & Tony Bessant will be debuting our on-stage acting career at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We are acting for Award winning Production company Naughty Corner Productions in their latest show ‘Not The Horse’. The story of how this came about is very interesting, and will certainly be very encouraging for those who are currently trying to get themselves noticed in the acting world. We are at the moment right in the thick of rehearsals and it’s certainly going very well, an experience that myself and Tony are thoroughly enjoying! (I may wait until after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to do a detailed post on this)


Our new website is currently undergoing construction. We have been developing it over a number of months now and we are very excited about the whole thing and how it’s developing. I won’t give the address away until it is finished! (I will do a longer post on our website when we launch it)

I’m extremely relieved to finally break the gap of not posting and get this up. You can now look forward to more frequent posts from myself!

I hoped you liked my post! 🙂


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