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Instagram, my current obsession.


Roughly two months ago I upgraded from Blackberry and bought my first Iphone, the Iphone 6. One of the first Apps I downloaded was Instagram. I always knew what Instagram was about but I guess I underrated the hype. I suppose I am now sort of addicted..

Being a film maker, my mind is constantly flowing with imaginative thoughts regardless of the technology I have available to me. This makes Instagram an absolutely ruthless tool- when I can just whip my phone out of my pocket at a moments notice to capture ‘that’ moment or object when walking down the street etc. I will see something or have an idea then snap the photo within seconds, this then brings you onto the editing process which is just astonishing! The process is very fun and amplifies the very moment you caught.

Beyond the editing process, the sharing process is equally as powerful. Being able to share it all over the world in such a short space of time on so many platforms is just ‘with the times’, its powerful! Also, being able to explore others around you is made easy due to the simple concept and design of the application.

If your phone allows you to download Instagram and you haven’t got it, I suggest you get it downloaded ASAP.

If you have it already why not follow me? pauljwilliams7.



Determination, motivation and the hunger to succeed. Finding your passion.

If you work in an industry that requires plenty of hard work, grit and determination to succeed then you will appreciate this post. If you work in the creative industries you will definitely appreciate this post. Determination, motivation and the hunger to succeed are extremely important. In the Film and Media industry plus many of the other creative industries however it is absolutely fundamental- it’s compulsory. I believe everybody naturally has these attributes innate to an extent, some people just tend to exert them more than others. I also believe that every person can use them to the full extent depending on when they find their ‘passion’. You may be 50 years old until you find your passion, but when you do find it you will know deep inside how motivated and determined you can be- It can take you to places inside you that you never knew existed. It can be scary.

Fortunately for me, I found my passion at the tender age of 16. I have always thought outside of the box since being a child, had a specific outlook on life- I have always been a determined person. However, when I found film making it was clear to me I had found what I love doing. My natural flare to succeed and the mental existence of drive I had inside of me increased by a dramatic scale, taking me to the next level. It is clear when this happens, the important thing to do when you find it, is to take it in your stride and nurture it. I stand by the quote from The Pursuit of Happiness featuring Will Smith when he says to his son “You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it.”. What I have experienced is that you will find your passion, it will become clear to others that you have this passion- some people will then try to shut you down. It has happened to me a number of times since discovering film making. I have proven people wrong time and time again. You need to protect your passion and your dream when you discover it. Luck, determination and natural talent combined together equals success. If you can balance these three, you will succeed. Luck is something you can anticipate; you can put yourself in a certain position and create your own luck- talent and determination is what happens naturally. What I have also found is that if you can collaborate with someone who has the same levels of determination, motivation and hunger to succeed as you do, the results are phenomenal. I have found this with my colleague and best friend Tony Bessant, my partner in crime. We are basically telepathic in everything we do, and the result of this has been extraordinary.


I’m a deep thinker and life in general fascinates me, being a selfless person I respect others around me more than most people. I discovered film making at the age 16, acting and creativity was always something I loved, along with creating stories and scenarios in my head. After completing my A levels, I studied at University and graduated meaning I am educated to degree level, even though I was advised as a youngster by a tutor that it wasn’t worth me trying for 6th form as it ‘Weren’t right for me’. I am now a Company Director at my own Film/Media company Core Media Productions LTD at the age of 22, along with Tony Bessant. Our hunger to succeed is greater than it has ever been before. The future is exciting. I wake up every morning and look at a quote on my wall which reads “I wanted to make it and I was gonna’ make it regardless of what anybody said”. This is a quote by Eminem, probably the biggest inspiration in life.


If you haven’t already found your passion, go out and try new things. It will become obvious when you find it, you will know deep inside. Push it to the absolute limit and keep your dream alive no matter what it takes, protect it. You will get to where you want to be. It will become a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’. Chase your dream and surround yourself with positive people who share the same levels of motivation, determination and hunger to succeed as you do. If someone tries to shut it down, ditch them- you don’t need them in your life. The best things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who pick themselves up time and time again and strive to be the best.

 Do you have a passion? Can you relate to this? Drop a comment i’d love to hear your story!


I am someone who has a very, very strong view on respect. For me it is the most important factor in a person. My view on this has only strengthened throughout working voluntarily in the past few years in one of the most competitive industries in the world. In my opinion you never gain respect automatically, it doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are- you need to earn it. The phrase ‘respect your elders’ is nonsense to me, I respect everybody no matter how old they are. If an ‘elderly’ person doesn’t give me respect they will not receive an ounce in return. Once somebody has my respect I will do anything for them, I would run a million miles for them. If they do something to lose it, they will never get it back- it is as simple as that. It says a lot when someone who is considerably older speaks to you like an adult, giving you the same treatment as they would anybody else- particularly when they hold a position which consists of authority. For me, talking down to someone, especially when you have the word ‘manager’ in your job description puts you at the bottom the lowest pile.

I was born into a family that trains respect from an early age. Treat others as you would like to be treated is a phrase which best represents my family. Secondary school also has a key part to play, that age when you are beginning to see the world from the ‘real life’ point of view. Those teachers who go that bit further than their job to teach you not only about education, but life. It is very easy to spot those teachers among the rest. From a personal point of view, Lesley Cret’u and Lisa Easton stick out like a sore thumb during my school days, being a helping hand for a whole 5 years between the age of 11-16- arguably the hardest period to guide someone growing up! Lesley was my form tutor and always offered guidance to not only myself but the class. A great teacher, one of the more genuine people teaching in our school at the time- always there to go that extra mile. Lisa Easton was our year head, this woman genuinely cared about every pupil in our year group. Lisa started teaching in the school when our year group started in year 7 and also taught me for History. She is quick to give me guidance and help even now and I left school years ago- that speaks volumes for me. Andrew Mackenzie and Kris Mansfield are two former tutors I have spoken about frequently in one of my previous posts and are stand out influences for me in particular. They bridged that gap from school to 6th form with perfection.

I have worked for a number of years in bars and retail. Working in these industries I have also met other key figures where respect is concerned. Managers such as Ritchie Mac, Craig Tsai and Neil Brown who I worked for at the age of 16 in retail and later Louise Jordan in the bar industry. All of them made working easy and a pleasure. They praised me when I deserved it and criticised me when it was needed- and in a suitable manner. Not only did they go about their job in the right way but they treated me and everybody else the same. Steven Woods is another fantastic example of how to treat people in the right way. Many others can learn from the likes of Steven, a genuine man who treats you as a person and not a number-with utmost respect at all times.

There are so many other people I could mention here, but fortunately for me I associate myself with good people- meaning this post would be far too long if I was to mention everyone. People can say this post is pointless because everybody knows respect is vital. So then why do so many people lack respect? It costs nothing, people need to be educated to treat people in the right way. It is a matter which makes my bloody boil on a regular basis.

Maya Bay (Film location from The Beach)

Does the film give a false impression of how astonishing Maya Bay actually is in reality?

Sat in my bedroom with Tony Bessant in 2012 I told him that he needed to see the famous Maya Bay scene from The Beach, directed by Danny Boyle. A huge chunk of the film was shot in Maya Bay, the pinnacle of natural beauty- a small alcove in the Andaman sea that replicates paradise. Immediately after the ‘Maya Bay’ scene whilst watching The Beach there was a telepathic understanding that we would be going to this magical place. A few months down the line we booked our flights to travel around Thailand. We visited many places including the Phi Phi Islands where Maya Bay is situated.

Half way through our vacation in Thailand we found ourselves in the crystal clear waters of the Phi Phi Islands climbing into a small boat, the sky was blue. Our host would be taking us to Maya Bay- along with a few other places dotted around the Islands. After about 15 minutes of being on our boat, the natural rock formation in the distance that surrounds Maya Bay was becoming visible as we skimmed the waves of the Andaman sea.

Photograph I took of the bay looking out (Same location as film shot with Leonardo Di Caprio below)

We veered around the corner of the gigantic rock formation and BANG! Just like that, in that very moment I had one of the best specimens of natural beauty that this vast planet has to offer, right in front of my eyes. As soon as we turned the corner Moby’s track Porcelain, the soundtrack from The Beach kicked in, inside my head. My film maker mode had switched on, I was in awe. (The Beach uses CGI to fill the gap in the rock formation)

Heading towards the bay through the middle of the enclosure the water below was clear, bearing in mind we were still a couple of hundred metres from the beach, the water was deep! The boat pulled up and out we jumped out. The water near the beach was warm and the sand white! We spent our time stumbling up and down the iconic beach, where Leonardo Di Caprio once read out his lines in front of Danny Boyle and the crew. Strolling through the bush behind the beach, venturing further into the alcove myself and Tony barely spoke. We were speechless, astonished. After spending roughly half an hour on the island we headed back out of Maya Bay. On the way back we experienced cliff jumping, visited monkey beaches and snorkelled with sharks.


Leonardo Di Caprio looking out onto Maya Bay in ‘The Beach’ showing added CGI on the rock formation (I do not own this image)

Does the film give a false impression of how astonishing Maya Bay is? No it doesn’t. Maya Bay is a place that makes you question all aspects of life, the whole experience is surreal. My outlook on life changed that day, I will return. (Check out some more of my pictures below)




Myself and Tony on Maya Bay


Turquoise waters of Maya Bay



I make the best cup of tea

Tea is one of the most underestimated, most underrated drinks on the planet. If I was to count a pound for how many cups of tea dragged me through my countless essays, long editing sessions etc I would be a very rich man.

Tea is a vital cog in the Media/Film industry, as well as many other industries. Every runner starts making tea, it is an unwritten rule- which everybody respects! It brings a smile to a face and brings people together. I was actually sat writing a post drinking tea when I realised, tea has had an important role to play in my hard work and success so far, it always has! A frequent phrase heard in my house is ‘Get the kettle on’ or ‘Get the brews on’, its standard procedure.

For those of you who think this post is me having a laugh- It’s not, I’m serious! I always turn to it when things hit the fan. If you ever make me a cup of tea I take milk and 2 and a quarter sugars (That quarter makes a difference). I wouldn’t say I was a tea snob but since discovering Yellow Label tea in Thailand that is definitely my favourite!

 Tea makes people happy and happiness weighs more than gold, remember that. 


Enjoying a cuppa whilst travelling in Koh Samui, Thailand